As your manager our goal will be to increase your fan base and help you build your career. We will work close to you and help you achieve goals. We are passionate about helping our artists to achieve both their short and longterm goals in a way that is in keeping with their creative vision.

Our main focus is to support you and provide resources, connections, feedback, ideas and strategic planning. We will also handle your social media, mail, marketing, assist in different projects and help you plan a schedule that works for you. For us its important to establish a healthy foundation for your career. We put our hearts into details and creativity, We will have regular meetings to make sure you feel secure and heard, because to us you matter.


As your promotor, our goal will be to raise the awareness of you and the music. We have several media contacts that is a part of ROTB and work on an international level with both radio and online magazines. We will make sure your music is played at the best radio stations and reviewed by people who loves music. Because with our promotional services we do the hard work for you. We will get you featured online and offline and grow your fanbase. Your album will be reviewed and interviews will be booked. We will also make sure you are always up to date with the reviews and upon your request film and post on social media while performing at radio shows.


We will help you set up a release party or promo-gig according to your request and handle everything from booking to making sure the event goes smoothly. We can also help you book tours, both as a touring band and support to a headliner. On occasion we will organize bigger events.