Black Ink River

Black Ink River is the rock band you should be watch out for right now.

In 2018, the quartet released their acclaimed debut album Headstrong and made a bunch of club gigs and festivals. Now the band is back with a new album that is expected to be released this fall as well as 3 singles with videos of which the first single NO NO NO was released a month ago. The second single Sulfur Sky is released on July 10 and rumor says it is a real bang.

2021 is the year when Black Ink River intends to take the band to the next level when it comes to live gigs and tour plans and festival gigs are planned at the time of writing.

The Västerås band plays 70s fragrant hard rock with a sound that sounds like it did at that time. Bosse, who is the band’s guitarist, has been playing with a lot of rock bands since the mid-70s so he knows what he is doing. Dano (song) and Modden (bass) with their roots in heavy metal color’s the songs in their own way and the rhytmic Norwegian Ragge plows on as if it were life or death. Heavy riffs, strong chorus melodies, epic guitar solos and sometimes psychedelic, there you got Black Ink Rivers.

Booking Agent: Hannah Härenwall (bookings@rotb.in)