Looking for bands that we feel are candidates for ROTB Live booking, we’ve had our eyes on Highride for some years now. We are happy to announce that Highride have been signed to ROTB Live and that we will be handling their bookings on an international level starting 2019.

– We are very happy to have signed Highride to ROTB Live. The band has all the elements we are looking for in a live band and their professional mind-set goes along with what ROTB stands for. Highride is a band that have been active in the live scene for some time. Some of their achievements includes opening up for bands like Hardcore Superstar and they always keep a high standard on their liveshows, says booking agent Gabi Mattsson.

– Our band has always had a hard do-it-yourself attitude, but it feels great to have ROTB Live as booking agent and we’re looking forward to see what this collaboration will lead to, says singer and guitarist Peter Waljus.

Highride was formed 12 years ago in Stockholm, Sweden and have shared stage with bands such as Crashdiet and Hardcore Superstar. Early releases like ‘Song Of Your Decay’ and ‘Bad Habit’, along with new single ‘A Good Day (To Die)’, shows their unique mix of punk, sleaze and hardrock that have placed them on the international rock ‘n’ roll map. Highride is currently in the studio working on their upcoming second album.

Get ready for the highest ride of your life!

Gabi, Jonas and Highride

Check our band page for HIGHRIDE here.

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